Friday, December 06, 2013

Laugh In Quietly


Friday night was comdey night, so I plodded home up the M6 in a surprisingly short time. Got home had a snack and got changed to head for the 6:20pm bus.


A call to my brother in Stafford and the same bus still had not picked him up. He insisted it was late and he had not missed it. So I said I’d head to the center of the village get  the bus there and have a pint in The Rainbow. I can’t recall when I last had a pint in the Rainbow. It was surely some time ago. At the bar I noticed that I didn’t have a signal. So there was no knowing if the bus head picked my Brother or Les up yet. I went outside and called them. It was at Penkridge. Oh a pint might have been a bit ambitious then. I got to the bus stop and there were a few people ready to give up, so I gave them the good news it was just running late and would be here in a minute.


Once in Wolvo I need to the wonga machine, and to find one working lead us to the RBS bank. This made us pass the Tap and Spile which again none of  us had been in for some time. Empty, cold and lacking beer I had a Corrs Light. My this place has gone down hill, right to the bottom.


We leave, thankgod, and go tot the Slade Rooms. We buy some tickets at the bar for the Comedy night and


sit down literally on our own and remenis of when the place used to be Picassos and Pablo's


I mean literally sitting on our own!


The doors open to the comedy night and we get our choice of seats. Now its worrying, just 3 of us in the audience.


It wasn’t to remain that way though and before you know it the place was full to the brim. We were treated to the following:

First on was Jay Hampson, and proberably my favourite of the night. Something different and realdry good. Shut the heckler up so much they left!
”With youthful looks that betray a clever and sometimes rude mind, Jay Hampson is a multi-award winning act. Pin sharp timing and a laid back delivery compliment astutely observed material, drawing on topics as varied as his personal battle with social class, to the sexual inadequacy of endangered species. Fluent use of language coupled with cutting guttural quips, Jay puts a well thought out spin on a variety of different topics.”

Anthony King, I wasn’t so keen on,

A”n outwardly normal looking bloke with a delightfully devilish sense of humour: Droll, deadpan and yet somehow warm and likeable his masterful timing and delivery of a seemingly endless stream of one-liners combine to make him one of the most polished performers on the circuit.
Since then, Anthony has been nominated for Best New Show at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival one year and scooped two awards in another plus wow-end the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and took the roof off major comedy clubs across the UK and beyond, including performances in the Netherlands, Dubai, Majorca, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.”

and to Headline was Kai Humphries, lovely banter.

“Kai is a happy-go-lucky, supremely funny and truly adorable Geordie comedian, his infectious enthusiasm and high-octane delivery of genuinely hilarious and delightfully optimistic material has seen him rapidly rising up the professional comedy ranks. As a result he's recorded his TV debut for Comedy Central's "The Comedy Store" alongside some of the biggest names in comedy which is surely the first of many for this shooting star. He's also supported Rhod Gilbert, Daniel Sloss and Milton Jones on their national tours (which is kind of a big deal). A self-confessed boy next door, his disarmingly friendly delivery holds a few surprises - not least his ability to supplement his cheeky banter with a contrasting intelligence in his material. Kai's mind holds a truly unique and vivid imagination, although he's not above the occasional 'bit of blue'. With a genuine excitement to share stories and jokes with his audience and an engaging and intimate manner you could be forgiven for thinking you're just one of his mates grouped together on a cracking night out!”


At the end they announced they were not sure if there would be another comedy night but if there was it would be the 7th February. I ponder why that would be? The two of the three we had attended were full???? Perhaps Phil turner was not doing his job well enough?


We of course ended up in Wolvo’s ultimate bar. Had a drink of goodness what.


But it wasn’t this. We went to Wolvo’s ultimate Kebab shop and I did have the ultimate chicken kebab and chips. I went home happy, and full. What a good night.

Jay Hampson Kai Humphries Anthony King

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