Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Lover, Loser Or Ladies Man?

I have enjoyed Mark Barrowcliffes “autobiography” Mr Wrong as much as I have enjoyed his fictional works. In fact I read this as quickly as Girlfriend 44, I believe all those many years ago, which for 374 pages is amazingly quick for me. There is many reviews saying this book is simply tosh, but I guess I like his writing style and I found this a page turner in just wanting to to know what happened to him next.

The last chapter seems somewhat out of context with the rest of the book but as the final chapter starts “ This story does not deserve a happy ending but it gets one” It ends the book nicely exactly where he started at 14 years of age. I’m glad I’ve read it, the only other book he has written to date I don’t fancy the cover of so I won’t be getting that. One ponders if there’ll ever be another. For now though this can sit next to the bookcase with the others of his.


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