Friday, December 20, 2013


Get to work and its a day of overindulgence starting at breakfast.

Thankgod I had that swim last night.

We do some work and then at dinner time it is a dash up the road for an all you can eat Wing Wah!

But where is everyone??

The food rolls in ah yummy.

All salt and bone thankgod.

And that's not Tetelys, more work to yet be done.

We finish at 5pm and a group of us head down to the Swan and Mitre, Then a quick train ride into Brum. We go to the Bachas Bar, Then the Shakespeare and then…

Rosie O Brian’s where Bennie's friend Rosie joins us.

And finally The Old Joint Stock, always nice to finish here. Bernie gets in some shorts and then some more and I was trying to remain somewhat sobberish, which then just flies out of the window. I head eventually to the station realising that I’m now quite drunk.

I patiently wait for the train that's never turning up that is displayed as “on time” here but the platform and time keep changing. I decide to get the Shrewsbury one instead.

I’m on it and I think the whole of the the north heading Birmingham travellers all suddenly thought the same as me. Who did they all fit on the train? As we head to Wolvo I decide to stay on and hopefully get off at Codsall – also meaning I won’t go into my favourite balti house! I then considered that it would have been wise to have checked this out as Telford is some distance away from home?? I’m bosting for the toilet so head off and go. When I come out and hang by the train exit door there’s a chap also standing there “saying I hope this train stops here, its an awfully long one, longer than the station!” Luckily it did stop at Bilbrook and it did stop at Codsall – here I got off.


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