Sunday, December 01, 2013

Rhubarb Crumble Anyone?

Right I excelled myself on Sunday morning, even for staying round Alan and Zoe’s. Yep I WOKE at 3pm! I couldn’t believe it myself I thought it was dawn did my watch say 9am? No it doesn’t Christ! nits 3PM! I had a shower and went downstairs. Alan and Rosie were in the front room and poured me a cup of tea. Alan kindly got me a bacon, black pudding and egg sandwich, it may be cold wink wink. Alan put us on some classic Dr Who with Tom Baker and me and Rosie watched it while Alan, well I have no idea what happened to Alan. Zoe had gone to the allotment some time earlier – before I had woken up!

Matt came round as he is a gambling addict and we reassured him he was going to love the Really Nasty Horse Racing Game.

Things for me weren’t going quite as well as last night.

On the last race it was all or nothing and I gambled the lot, not that I had much as they had all been successfully nasty to me throughout. Some of the end results of who had bid on who were truly hilarious though, to understand though you would have to try it yourself.

The game brought so much fun and entertainment. We stopped for a Sunday night Curry and finished on up. I packed said goodbye and took Matt and Rosie home as I left. I never did get to taste that Rhubarb Crumble she made and brought round. I bet it would have tasted great.

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