Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Seeing the Happiness

Christmas day and Santa has left loads of presents I wasn't expecting, Including Tom Bakers Biography, another Ben More and a book on how to take things apart but never put them back together in the name of art. A ski jacket that isn’t Green, a couple of board games and loads and loads of Swizzles Matlow sweets and more beer than anyone needs. Poade is eager to go to the Pub I get a couple of texts and reply “not this year”,  my uncle has been in hospital for some months now and to make his day nicer I’ve decided to go visit him. I can’t say I want to go there drunk or even slightly merry. However sometime later there is a ring of the door bell anyway! Matt and Maddy are standing there looking their glam selves and it looks like we are going to the pub – I’m so weak and enjoy their company. I somehow manage to contain myself from having anything other than a pint of shandy and a hour later I head off to the hospital in the hope to make someone else's Christmas a nicer one even if its only for a short time. And it does, Sometimes in life there’s nothing better than seeing the happiness on someone else's face. We finish the day with a really late evening Christmas Dinner not that I need to eat after all the food I’ve had over the last week or so. I go to bed knowing that in the morning I’ve got to do something I should have done already but just didn’t.

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