Saturday, December 14, 2013

The boring adventure of some Dwarfs

Friday night I got in from the gym and had an emergency watching session of The Hobbit part 1. Now I had tried to watch it some time back and only got through about 30 minutes and wasn’t impressed. Tomorrow though I’d agreed to look after Tom and we were going to the cinema. And we were going to watch part two. So Friday night I was up until 1am. And no I didn’t enjoy it! Saturday I got up had my hair cut and then went ot collect him in my little MX5. We got a whole load of pop corn and drinks to keep me entertained whilst….

part Two started. There was no doubt that it was essential to have watched part one, which to me just dragged on soo much last night and was happy to have finally closed my eyes. Part two though was full of action and near the end has a big dragon with a forceful voice. This of course I knew. I have to admit though, I have never read The Hobbit myself. The closest I ever came to it was when I was Eleven at Brewood School in the second year. As a class, open reading session every week and a Wednesday afternoon, we must have got 3/4 of the way into the book when the teacher had enough of us all messing around. She asked what was wrong and we all complained that the book was boring! She was not impressed, however the book got changed for our collective choice of another book and we never found out how the boring adventure ended. And when the film finished I still don’t – because there's part 3 to come yet, in about a years time…

I did however enjoy my time with the child in question and the film.

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