Sunday, December 15, 2013

The End of Life As I Know It

I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. It doesn’t happen very often if ever! In fact I don’t think I can remember it ever happening this quick!

Grand Theft Auto V is the best game I have ever played, and sadly as it sounds, I got so completely addicted to playing it, it was unreal. And yes this is so nearly the end.

I have found it so engaging like no game ever before, like reading and book and watching a movie yet you are in control. The characters are utterly brilliant to play, the story so engaging between the three characters. And the game plays just so well, I just never ever wanted it to end, yet I wanted to get to the end so eagerly.

But this is it. The last and final beautiful scene with Trevor. Where it all should end….

The credits rolled and the game being so good.

I read them all, and they went on, and on, and one and on. And those involved should be so proud of what they produced, as I said this is the best game I have ever ever played.

Eventually the credits came to an end, and then

There was one last thing I wasn’t expecting.

Up came you report from the “head” doctor. So this is me, this is how good or not I turned out. So now what will I do with my life?

Well the story carried on believe it or not and I’m still playing!

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