Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Last Minute Boxing Day

So today I have to pack, I should have packed a few days ago but we all know I’d leave it until now. Oddly one of my 3 pairs of new jeans has gone. Gone, gone gone. I can only take it I went to the pub on Christmas Eve wearing them and decided to take them off at the last pub before coming home and that's where they still are! So I pack in a stressful fashion. I don’t know why but I really don’t like packing, What do you take? I never really know why I get stressed about it, maybe its because I take some much when I know I should take less. I mean anything I never take I always take the attitude of I’ll just get it when I get there.

Anyway after packing I decide to head to Tesco to visit the Euro Booth, which turns out to be closed! Now that's what happens when you leave it until the last minute. As it happens, after a quick telephone call to my parents, it turns out they are also here but in the cafe! I go and join them for a relax and a healthy scone and cuppa.

Eventually I leave them to it and go and finsh packing the car. Once done I head round the Greenies for company of friends, tea and to play with the kids Its so nice because luckily Uncle Matt is there and the kids abuse him instead! And Sarah and Greenie look after us for the night in a great manner. Now that's what I like.

I get home around 8pm and its time for bed for me. Tomorrow is another day and a day I won’t be here….

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