Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Richest Girl In The World.

I get up, I think I’m the first person up for a change. I head into the kitchen and see Zoe must have been expecting me. There is a tin with “my name on it”. It appears though Zara (with a Zed and not Xsara) has been up and already left. I have a breakfast tea and look for the red berry  Special K.

I never found them as I think they didn’t exist, never mind though, the box of Golden Grahams was still here from the time I had come before! I had them, I had two bowls of them!

I put the PS3 on and started to play “The Last of Us”. The rest of the house was dead so I thought I start playing from the beginning as Zoe had had me playing it yesterday from midway. Slowly faces arrived and shared tea and the “Last of Us Experience” Evenutally though I got to where I’d been with Zoe the day before and thats where we ended, to take our eyes off the screen and to

play socially nice with each other, with The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game.

I swear there is some very devious game playing going on here. Zoe somehow becomes the riches girl in the world. And Nack the poorest!

We switch games to something Nack has brought with him. A game you have to build before you can play –13 Dead End Drive. A game of getting rich quick by getting out of the house whilst your picture is in the portrait and killing off your opponents before the inspector reaches the house.

All too soon though I was tired and it was time for me to sadly leave all the fun and people behind and to wish them a Merry Merry Christmas.

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