Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who walks through the door?

After all that dinner I went to the gym. I then planned to have tea at Star City but thought that I might head into Harborne as I knew a curry house there I liked and the opportunity was there maybe to see Poade. when I came out of the gym though it was wet, wet, wet. Great in the MX5. I headed through the tunnels to the otherside of Birmingham and then tried to locate a parking space at Harborne.

I opened the door of the car and then shut it immediately. Yep its wet out there! I called Poade but no answer. So I texted him. Got out the car and had a very wet walk to the Curry house. As I enter Poade calls me and says he’ll be round. I thought well that's nice, hasn’t he looked outside? I order four Poppadum's and all the spicy sauces they can offer along with a lemonade, a nan and my favourite Chicken Jalfrazi. I suddenly get a text from Poade say he’s not coming he’s got an exam and that I must have heard him wrong. Erm he’s put his coat and looked outside. Can’t say I blame him. I look at the situation and getting munching on all those poppadum's. On the 3rd one, who walks through the door! Now I’m baffled, the man himself is here? Apparently he sent the text to me originally and somehow I got it last, he was coming that is what he said on the phone. Dripping wet he has a beer while I fill my face with burning spicyness. I pay up and we go for a pint in the pub down the road until Les calls me to say he wants picking up from his Christmas do. I place the phone in the new holder and get the at nav on. Sometime later that night…

I find the parents and cat all taking it easy, and with that I’m off to bed.


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