Saturday, January 11, 2014

Going out Looting


Saturday night I headed down the Harrows with Les, Robert and eventually Beardy turned up.


Whilst we waited for Beardy we set about enjoying some of the brews they have on here.


And it wasn’t sunbeam.


So after 1 1/2 pints of beer I tried to remember how to play Survive Escape from Atlantis. However the beer had gone to my head and the others were not convinced this board game idea was a good one.


We carried on anyway, even with the abuse of you know how to play so your at an advantage. Well the second time we play the game it will be better. Unfortunately I guess this was subbuteo, had no grass, no ball and no boys running around in shorts.


The beer flowed and I got out the second of the three games I had brought along.


Loot, which I had never played before but Les was more ex cited about this game as he had seen it played around the Greenies at Christmas and they were really enjoying it.


I opened the faux velvet box and took the nicely done characters out. So who is going to be the cops and who is going to be the robbers?


The game was set up and the race around the board to various places was on.


There was more active game playing going on this time.


The game stopped for more beer and pudding and the toilet.


Then the chase continued.


Horribly the cops where doing well.


There was only a few items left to steal.


But magically I somehow won!!


Probably a mistake as they won’t want to play again no doubt??



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