Sunday, January 26, 2014

Drum Stick


With the bad weather and not a lot going on there was not a lot to do other than play on the PS3 and eat sweets all day long.


Outside there seemed to be a parking issue. If only it would stop raining as I’ve got a job to do outside.

I played Grid 2 and did some driving like an ass racing. How I stay on the track sometimes is unbelievable.

With Zoe and Alan back from the land of Pizza with Chips and hot dog sausage they were online. Which was great timing as it suddenly stopped raining, So I cancelled the online gaming and went outside for an hour. Back indoors after they were playing away.


Great but then fantastic Virgin Fast Sunday as giving me hassle connecting to the GTAV server I think. Well I was only getting 1mbps! Eventually I joined (and lost connection several times throughout the afternoon.

After being champion many many many times I got disconnected again and it wouldn’t reconnect. So it was goodbye and time to play something else.

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