Monday, January 27, 2014

Fiddly Fingers


Most modern cars have levers in the head lamp houses so that when you go abroad you don’t need those stickers. Of course getting to those levers can be somewhat a pain. Anyway I had left them in Europe mode and while there was a moment I switched them over. No easy task actually. You would in fact be better off using the the stickers especialy if like my car you have the Xeon lights with the ballasts on the back.


Whilst the one on the side with the air box is the true pain, I have found that the the one on the passenger side can in fact be switch in the main beam bulb area, giving far better access. There on the left hand side is the lever. Just put you finger on it and lift it up or down. Now back to British setting, let the round be flooded with light once more.

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