Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fumbling around


I wake up and consider what I’m going to have for breakfast?


choices choices.


Right that's breakfast done.


Saturday and my priority was to take the outside Christmas lights down. It appeared though as if some miracle had happened and my dad had taken them down. Now that wouldn’t be a bad thing I here you say, but where has he put them. Once located I box them up and put them in the loft. After that I wash the car that had lots and lots of French dirt on it. It didn’t stop there though I cleaned that beige carpet too, then moved onto the MX5 and cleaned that. And then notice the mould on the inside of the roof – er yuk. Well that happens if you use it in the very very wet winter and then don’t use it for a month. So I sucked that off with the vacuum cleaner and treated it to some antimould.


This left me time to head to the bank in Cannock, and wander the charity shops where I got the REM green album.


I also visited Trade 2 Play and got these 3 gem of games for the PS2. The Tour De France one is bound to be exciting stuff.


And I got 5 ties to add to my now enormous collection. I really need to sort through some of these.


And when I got back in, my annual National Trust book and badge had come through the post.


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