Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I thought it would never die

I get home and my dad confesses he’s being using my Sony Wega 32” CRT tv today and it has died. I check it and the light is flashing at the bottom, which if you read the manual stands for call the service centre its bad news.

Its been relegated for some time in the dinning room, with me never being able to part with it as it cost so dam much all those years ago. I’ve had it since that web site “Lets Buy It Together” and then you got things much cheaper. Well this £1200 TV I got for about £800! amazing. I’ve been using it to play my Playstation retro games and other systems as they appear far better on the old CRT TV's than the digital LCD ones Sad smile. oh well some weight lifting practise coming up at the weekend I guess. You know how heavy these things are???? I thought it would never die, and the picture was as good as the day it died as the day I brought it. Fantastic…


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