Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh James You Made Me Happy


This is it then, this is the night I finished it.

This is when I get the full story.

This is when I get to fully understand what is going on.

Kill a couple of Pyramid Heads

And we are back to Maria.

No she isn’t is she? And what's happening to you?

A long fight with her and some moths and it finally is the end.

The truth comes out.

He killed her because she was alreayd dying. It  doesn’t tell you what from but he doesn’t want her to suffer.

So they go to the Lakeside hotel

And ends it all in a peaceful way.

I’m so glad I got there in the end.

And this watery ending is one ending of 8. However I’m not doing it another 7 times!

I watch the credits

And get to enjoy my results card at the end. No more nightmares shudder.

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