Sunday, January 19, 2014

That Lucky Person was me


I’m woken up by my phone jibbering. I pick it up and look at it. Oh in 45 minutes I might have won a snowboard, I don’t actually want. It’s not that I don’t want it, I do. I just don’t need it. I must have put a low bid on it at some point to remind myself that if I did want it, to rebid latter, after all this should go for some money. I prey someone else will bid on it at the last minute. I could really not do with not winning it. I’m as skint as I can remember having been since ever and I’ve got to pay for the March snowboarding holiday by the end of the month, so I was trying to have a quiet weekend. I watch eagerly who is going to get one fantastic snowboard (if its as described). Well it ended on a low bid. So that was good news. and the lucky person was??? That lucky person was me! Bollocks…...


I decide to go out and check out some houses I’d spotted on Right Move last night, that might sound odd after the above comment but this is in the name of research. The day was nice so I filled up the tank in my MX5 and went for a drive to see them.


And what I can afford, and what the areas are like that I can afford to buy one in.


I can see parking at all them will be an issue, but there will just have to be compromises. Anyway there’s no rush just yet unless I see some I want.


Eventually I go back home and my brother tags behind me in his MX5 just before I enter the village. Back at home we pay The Last  Of Us and at the point I’m stuck and have have tried over and over again, and explain to him the situation, it makes me release perhaps your not meant to kill everything and the big baddy but are meant to run and escape. This works and we play together for an hour. I then start him fro the beginning and head on out.


I head round the greenies to play with them and their kids with some board games. First comes out Loot, and what I love so much is they are playing by “their own rules”, which they think are the rules. There’s a friendly rule discussion and in the end I loose completely anyway!


Then to the excitement of the kids I get the dinosaur game out. Mr Green is loving it completely.


One thing is for sure. I’m loosing again! In fact I was doing so bad right up until the end. But never the less Tom won which made his night before bed time.


I headed home said good night to the cat


opened my thankyou cards from the kids


gave them both a read


And closed my eyes in my comfy soft warm bed.


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