Sunday, January 12, 2014

Woolley Jumper


Sunday I spent in Sunny Wolvo, and was the first time I had taken my mom out without her wheelchair. Today we were going to test her endurance with her new hip now she was ambling along in a fashion. And so off to visit Marks and Spencer in Wolvo. I was hoping for good things having been to the one in Telford last year and regretting it. Now its been a while since I’ve been in the one in Wolverhampton but the impression I got was, they really didn’t want to sell anything. I got this impression from the absolute lack of clothing in there, the bare minimum shelving for anything other than underwear, socks and shoes. It used to be so much better than this! Good god it makes the Telford one look so prestigious. All this space and obviously no managerial idea of how to use it too entice people to buy anything. Even the odd Wolvo TK Maxx had one thing going for it, it had so many cloths most of them were on the floor! So Marks and Spencer's main profits are made with food and it certainly shows why here. We headed into the “secret cafe” to which I have been to far better, but the tea was nice, organic, fairtrade reputable stuff. I did get something with my Brucey bonus gift vouchers, a woolly jumper and two ties. So that makes 7 ties this weekend!


I also went to Dunlem to get some new sheets as the sheets I have, have gone suddenly horribly bobby and not nice to sleep on. So I got some sheets, a new duvet set, 6 will cases and then got home and opened my bed linen draw. Erm look at this lot. Now where have all those nasty sheets gone. The amount of stuff I had in that draw was phenomenal. So it was time for a big clear out and rethink. By the end of it, I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had decided to dispose of, but no doubt it was over due. And the truth is I still have too much stuff in that draw.



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