Saturday, February 22, 2014

2 AM Eternal

Right before we go any further with this post lets step back in time to Tuesday, and an email to and from Matt Poade whihc made more sense than my later texts to Alan (apparently). Here I put it to him that I would rather be in bed by 2AM than 5AM. And he reckons it will be by Midnight – or and get this as I read into “when last orders are anyway”! erm

I arrive at Matt and Maddies and consider instantly going to bed. Well it looked so comfy. Instead I got to play with Izzy, that was until Maddy and Hattie returned from a party, then I got to play with them both.

Matt and myself got a taxi into Brum and enjoyed a long journey and talk with the taxi driver, whilst Poade confirmed we had no idea where we wanted to be dropped off and the taxi driver didn’t know either. Nack we live in a order of mobile phones, we will be alright. Sometime latter we end up in the pedestrian street behind the Alexander Theatre and that's where we want to be.

We enter Brew Dog and Gavin, Neil and Sprog are already there. We get drinking and Poade has a Punk IPA whilst I try something different a 5am Eternal I think. It is nice.

A couple of pints later

I convince them to move onto The Victoria, a bar next to the Erotica Bar ;) – not that we go :(

We manage to get some seats which here is a miracle here.

At the bar I had plummed for Dark Art. Are you sure asked the barman. Yes why wouldn’t I be. Would you like a taster. Nope. Well its like Guinness he told me or cold coffee. I got one anyway, a trail weather I wanted it or not. Yep I’ll have that thanks. There was something I hadn’t clocked about this drink and may have been why I later noticed nobody else seemed to be drinking it.


The second pint of it came in a proper beer glass. The talking flowed and so did the beer. Wow Nack your very brave wearing that white shirt. Erm I though he is right with this brew.

Alan would like it here.

He could read the comics on the wall.

When the others left for the train, Poade and a wobbly me hit the dance floor. I danced with the best looking girl in the place and then thought, this isn't the girl I truly want to dance with. I stopped dancing and we parted company. I can’t say I liked the music there that much but every now and again there would be a tune I would really enjoy, and me and Matt would swing from the upstairs music room to the downstairs one, hoping to hear a classic tune. From here on I don’t remember and its because of that brew.

Poade wanted something to eat, we went past the Famous Mr Egg, which I was surprised to see still going. They seem to have branched out now though from only doing egg based food items.

We ended up at Mr Poades favourite Chinese that wouldn’t let us eat in as they wanted to close. So we order it to go and had another beer whilst we sat down.

Poade was loving it.

Out we went to get a taxi and zp we where in one.

back at Poades

And ready to eat oh it smelt so good.

Delicious, Delicious, Delicious, I’m so sure we were being quiet.

Then it was all gone.

tonight I was going to dream of bananas…..


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