Saturday, February 15, 2014

30 Ping Pong Balls


The day started late as Alan had kept me up until the early hours. Now was the time though to use the new shower cubical,The only host I know that are trying to encourage me to stay in the shower longer. It was wonderful. It did occur to me that my comment last night on doing a youtube video of me in the new shower for the first time, probably didn’t go down well as I now found out the glass panels & door are not frosted! What were they thinking about what I was thinking? Once up Alan advised me that there was no Special “K”, and no Golden Grahams! We sat and played GTAV with Zoe showing me some of the finer details I have yet to achieve with regard to seeing UFO’s and solving the murder plot. Then teased me with going out to see a ping pong ball exhibition before it concluded into playing some games around the dinner table instead. Out came TUK TUK TAXI.


This game is about collecting passengers and getting them back to your taxi rank. Game one was a very quick one.


Game two we switch the board over and altered the rules slightly. Now it was about how many passengers you got back as some of the travellers are in groups of 3, 2 and 1.


Zoe how ever wanted bonus points for getting Jesus home!


We moved onto playing Nautilus, and having played it last night you’d think I would be better at it now. How wrong can you be?


They kept trumping me.


To lift Nacks spirits Alan cooked up something for me in his


cast iron Diablo, and Zoe present her mustard chukney up for me.


Zoe went to get ready for the night whilst I played Jaipur with Alan. Things did not improve game playing wise though, although Alan did note my game plan changed on each turn and so ended the game promptly, with the words Zoe and I are brilliant at this game you really have no chance!


People came round and at 7:30 we went for a walk to the Blossoms .


There we meet Caroline, who’s birthday it was last week and hence we were going out to mark the occasion. Jerds was of course also there and so no doubt encouraged me to drink way too much, well that's my excuses anyway.


Sixteen of us went over to the Italian restaurant where it was meant to end in an classy disco, which at the end of the night it didn’t. That doesn’t happen until March the manager told me. The meal was delicious, well the second one I was given. I was just about to eat it when it got whisked away from me! Apparently not mine! There was talk of bananas, Fallout 3, Ben Nevis, The Awakening, Housing issues and then we went back to the Blossoms until they kicked us out. Then it was back to Zoe’s for some drinkies, moving the dinner table out of the way and dancing the night away.


Now I’d like to say we went to bed early, but I know we didn’t as when a taxi was needed, my phone was used and this recorded the fact we called a cab at 5:20 for them! It was obviously a short conversation. and there seemed to be bodies lying in passes. I curled up on the sofa next to two beautiful people.


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