Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Late Lunch

By the time I had tidied up I thought it would be nice to go to the pub and have a late lunch with my parents. They actually went and collected my brother to join us to, and so we went down to the local Harrows as the food is always nice there.

My dad sorts the order out and by the time he comes back.

I have set up the board game Mensa brought with me. My brother did not want to play, however the parents did. This was a game I knew my dad would enjoy.

Nearly as much as the food.

oh yummy. I tend to say that a lot these days.

As I guessed my dad picked this game up very quickly and thus entered the lead as I expected.

Then pudding came and was eaten, for me Eaton Mess.

For me things had not improved and I was beginning to be at a stale mate, especially with no orange counters to be had.

Then i got a double orange and as long as neither of them used the spot it was going to change everything.

Ingenious. I won ;)

And that was that.

I packed up and it was time to head to Birmingham.

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