Friday, February 07, 2014

A Little Bit of Wit

It Laugh Out Loud night in Wolvos prestigious Slade Rooms. I get home easily from Birmingham, where was all the traffic? I get changed and look online what time the Arriva bus is. Puzzlingly the web site doesn't tell you time of the buses as the timetables are being updated as of the 4th January??? Its February for gods sake! I head to the centre of the village to catch the bus, it comes at 18:20. I get on with what I think s the correct change to be asked for £3.00! What, you’ve got to be joking?? Its gone up again? When I get off though the bus driver gives me some change explaining he had overcharged me after all. He must have seen my worried face throughout the whole journey - I’ll never be able to afford to catch the bus again or if so I won’t be able to afford to come back home! After all this is serious money for this journey and it costs the same to come from Stafford where my brother lives some 20 miles journey. We get to Wolvo and head into the Posada for a pint, before heading to Broad Street and into the Slade Rooms. I get some tickets at the bar and some strongbow, pint sized hooch and go and settle in. Its a small seating area this time, very interment.

So tonight's bunch was, Gareth Richards, Rhys James & Steve Harris, all of whom gave a dam fine performance as long as you didn’t take anything politically incorrectly – otherwise you would have definitely left, and some did! So the next one is March 1st a Saturday night for a change.

As Jivan’s was just a few doors away it would seem rude to not have a late tea there

So a couple of Cobras and a curry it was.

And before you know it it was time to go home.


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