Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beware Children


I look out of the window and see an impressive rainbow to brighten up the day. From work I go for a swim and then head home.


Following my chlorination session, I ponder what to do, now that I have finished Silent Hill 2. I do some banking and then conisder ebay. I get 2 64MB for my PS2’s. Wow these cards are big, the normal ones are 8MB.


And then I win another game, a recommended must have to the collection Marvel V’s Capcom. Obviously a fighting game so not really my type of game but I hope it will be good, it was cheap. I played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for 15 minutes before considering…


Renewing my travel and snowboarding insurance. How much do they want for the renewal. I flick the tabs and adjust hoping to tweek up a better deal. But if I want the off piste option included I have to opt for Max adventure. Well it covers plenty of stuff I’ll just grin and bear it and press accept. Now where is that flexible friend when you need them.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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