Saturday, February 01, 2014

Contemporary Indian Cuisine

Tonight we heading to Tettenhall for a treat in the Massalla Club, Marg had recommended so here we go.

We had made no booking and were greeted very fast and sat down without trouble. The picture looks like there's no one here but it is just the angle I took without customers. The place was busy, and these tables filled quickly.

The service was prompt, polite and they allowed us to peruse the divine looking menu for as long as we needed. Beer on offer was Cobra or Carling! erm???

Out came the poppadum'sa and sauces. Looks like we are in for treat with the sauces bringing us six!

There where 2 lime pickles one red one green. Both bang on great, and the onion salad was nicely and oniony and fresh. The chill sauce wasn’t pleasant more of a jam and I didn’t want anymore of that yuk. The chukney wasn’t great either, more of a runny spread. The mint sauce was odd and creamy, and no I didn’t like that either. And the poppadum's were on the polystyeleny of things. Shocking really

Out came starter one, nicely present and service by waiter was top rank. This dish was superb.

And for me the chicken Pikura, lovely done top notch delicious and nicely presented.

Then came the mains, Fatboy has Masslla so that should be good.

and it was, no problems there apparently and he ate the lot.

My brother and I had Chicken Jalfrezi, severed nicely in a dish. Nice flavours but both agreed not hot enough as in taste.

Super rice, perferct.

And the nan’s were delicious, a but small a bit to much after ghee but very very enjoyable, next time I would order two – so they must be nice!

And Fatboy was happy.

That was until the bill came. Now me and my brother were content and surprised how good the bill was, which for the three of us came to £60 and included three beers each. Beardy however was not, he’d didn’t explain why so I guess he thought it wasn’t worth it. I however was happy overall with the meal apart from the poppadum's (which I love to munch on normally).

So we left the Massalla Club and I pondered where the nearest pub was? I didn’t know any here apart from the Dog and Gun and I didn’t know where that was from here.

However we found it just down the road and so headed in there. So many beers on offer we were spoiled. now you remember that game the postman brought round earlier, well I brought it with me!

We got so absorbed into it that the couple next to ask what is it your playing so avidly????


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