Friday, February 14, 2014

From here to Infinity


Its magical how two places can be so different. I left Birmingham being battered by winds that rocked your car and heavy rain and headed north. For a change the motorway was running well so I stayed with. I parked up and made my way to meet Alan and Zoe near the Plaza for a romantic night in the cinema.


When I go there Amy and Darren had appeared too. Zoe had come with a husky voice and an explanation that they’d had a heavy night, last night.


We settled down with a beer to watch Tom and Jerry, followed by a black and white version of From Here to Eternity. Somehow they’d managed to find a film I’d never seen. It ended before you knew it, well for me at least. Literally just ended. I though is that it? Everyone seemed happy it had ended though.


We dropped Zoe off home so she could go to bed whilst Alan and myself headed into the friendly bussom of the Blossom’s. Several hours later we were kicked out and went home to play GTAV. For some reason Alan had made it passed the witching hour and seemed content with staying up all night. But at some point he laughed at my now lack of co-ordination. It was time for me at least to go to bed.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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