Friday, February 28, 2014

How Bright

Today is mufti day and as I decided what to wear I thought, hey Lets get the Bright Pink T-shirt out.

So I did, just look how bright it is.

Didn’t wear my red coat that would have clashed.

Following a long day at work I went for swim, where by I found my contact lenses hadn’t neutralised, awww that sting and went for the plung in the pool in the “blind”. I forewarned the girls in the same lane I couldn’t see in case they though I was being an arse swimming into them. Things were fine there then. Following that I decided to visit the Greenies. Mr’s Greenie and Tegan were in. We talked watched, The Last Shawn the Sheep and then Ice Road Truckers before Sarah disappeared to get Tom from Scouts. I took the moment and got out Hey There My Fish. When Sara and Tom came back they joined in too and we ended up having a lovely night,

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