Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

All was quiet in the house.Well I’m guessing that actually. All I heard was “Uncle Andrew why are you still in bed? Its twelve O’Clock” . I looked and there was two small children looking at me eagerly. Out came the toys and the reading books and I was most definitetly getting up.

I didn’t want to, I didn’t feel like I should, but the house hold apart from me had been up for some considerable time. I went down stairs and Maddie greated me with a cup of tea. “Do you know what time you pair got in last night?” “Er No, Were we Quiet?”. “No not really, around 2am there was a lot of banging of doors and noise down stairs.” “at 2am!” I exclaimed. I thought know wonder I want to be in bed. Matt looked at me and said your lucky I was up at 7am, we’ve been shopping and I’ve cooked Sunday lunch it will be ready in ten minutes. I go and play with he children we can all go to the naught step together that way.

I played Hey Their My Fish with Hattie, who did very well to concentrate on the rules and playing, even though she continually tried to change them. More worrying was the fact she beat me with her score of 42 to mine of 39 ;). Counting the fish though was helping her with well counting. From here we went to the allotment. I put my furry wellie boots on and got dug in with Maddie and Hattie whilst Poade tried to sleep on the Sofa.

He did eventually come and help though. Maddies soil is so much easier to dig than Zoe’s though. I’d like to say it was a breeze but it wasn’t!

So much got done and most of it was done by Hattie!

I think we should stop now Nack. So do I, I have blisters on my hands mate.

And so after a relax and a cup of tea it was time to pack my bag and leave the room that always reminds me of a yatch. Good bye fairwell.


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