Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh how to relax


I took to Silent Hill 2 not even considering whether or not Benefits Street would be worth watching.


And I enjoyed the game more now that I was in the hospital. The game has gone from a ridiculous mile munching merry go round to a more linear story, which you can slowly progress through yourself without using a walkthrough. Not only that but it has become more atmospheric as well, leaving a satisfying sense of enjoyment and wanting to get that little bit further. If anything the PS3 version of the controls leave something to be desired but I struggled on and got a trophy.


This special edition PS2 box set is my original game from when I originally had a PS2 and inside it is the making of film.


So to give me nightmares I watched it, then The Idle Traveller for five minutes about the Jews being exterminated, oh how to relax before closing my eyes,


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