Thursday, February 27, 2014

The smaller package

The smaller package was the more exciting one. I new what was in it, but it was still exciting to open.

I’d managed to pick up a copy of Wipeout Pulse. The Last Wipeout to be made for the PS2 and not easy to get. Well not a price I’m willing to pay. Will it be any good?

Well 2 how's later I was still saying wow!

Yes it is good, graphic smoooth and wonderful. And the gameplay just right. In fact a bit hard for me but hats the challange.

It has all the characteristics of Wipeout HD on the PS3, some of the sounds and great music.

Wow I’m so glade I got to play this one.

And play it I did.

If I could only get off the first level. Can I???

Just one more go then.

Ah at last. Not all golds though, now I’m sure that would disappoint Zoe…

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