Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On a Chu Chu


I deicide to go home on the train tonight. I haven't done this directly from work for a long long time. Looking it up there is a direct train to Wolverhampton at 17:19. There are others but this one I don’t have to change on. I get a non cheap on peak ticket and climb aboard. So it goes off to New Street and it then sits there for a while before whizzing off at great speed getting me to Wolvo for 18:05.


This of course means I can walk a slight diversion to see if my favourite curry house is open. Not only is it open but it has many customers in it. I go in and one of the benefits of not driving is being able to have a pint.


And of course a curry. Wow she had the chef make this one hot. It made me cry to the pleasure of the customers opposite. I would have said one cobra wasn’t enough but I behaved myself and went home.


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