Sunday, March 02, 2014

Saving a fortune???

Well today I went back to SpecSavers in Cannock, my first ever time with them. And I’ve only gone there because I saw some frames I liked – otherwise it would have been back to 4-sight. I didn’t even realise that some of the shops in Cannock centre opened on a Sunday but they do and its free parking. When I got there they were busy inside. Yep they’d kept them to one side, and I had a really good eye sight test. Always good going somewhere new as they have to start from scratch again. I did like her comment though, can you see the 4th line down. Love I can’t see the wall let alone the board with the letters on! It seemed to confuse them somewhat that I would get my glasses from a different place to my contact lenses but they said I was boss and if that is what I did that was okay by them. So you wear contact lenses as well? Yes. Dailies? No, monthlies? No. What then? Yearlies….really???  And that was the end of that.What activites do you do. Swimming, cycling, snowboarding, gym and, good god your active. Not really I’m as lazy as most men. After bringing out the one pair I was later I was told it was 2 for1. I should have noticed there was a big poster with it on but I didn’t, hence why I was here! Luckily I found a second frame I really liked too, a bit easier today as I’d brought my contact lenses with me. And so I spent a fortune on a free second pair. Mind they gave me a discount off the eye test. Now I just have to wait. If I’m lucky I get them very soon. If I’m not I won’t.

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