Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saving Specs

I got up this morning and sorted out all the paperwork I need to take with us. But later outside……

Wow this morning was nice. I got up and put the roof bars on in preparation.

I then checked the car over, oil, water, brake fluid, lights, power steering fluid

and gave it a good clean on the inside.

Then I took my mom out for a spin in the 5.

We went to Penkridge market to get some air fresheners that are Coronado Cherry but smells of Almond.

The Wing Wah World Buffet, which for me was a disappointment. The Birmingham one is so good – but maybe that's because it concentrates on Chinese Food only.

From here I got my hair cut and then

we went to Cannock shopping. I got some shoes which I needed but had thought about getting any new ones but then my mom wanted to go in a shoe shop and there they were so I got some. We got some birthday cards, went to pound land and spent more a than a pound and then I went to spec savers. Here I found some glasses I liked and these ones could do with replacing now, I’ve hung onto them so long because I’ve liked them so much. But they couldn’t fit mew in. So that will be tomorrow…..when they help me save specs.


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