Saturday, March 22, 2014

Skoda Nut


Whilst the weather turned bitterly cold I waited for my cousin to come round as she want to go and look at some cars. She ideally fancied a Skoda Fabia. Erm I ponder, I would have thought this would have been too small for her growing family. Besides that this is not one of the cars I would have personally picked even with the good engine.


We tried 3 Skoda Fabia’s and car one certainly did not impress me or her. And by the third these were now definitely off the list. Basic or what. I wouldn’t consider one of those ever again. Amongst all the cars we sat in and we sat in a vast many The Hyundai i30 seemed to be the best that we both liked.


However I can say I know nothing of the Hyundai or if they are any good. So we left with the sales people asking did you seeing anything you liked of the 2000 cars we had sir. No we didn’t,I replied. So a job well done. What my cousin wanted she now doesn’t and she is looking at a Hyundai i30 instead. See I’m not a total Skoda nut.


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