Saturday, March 22, 2014

Struggled to the End


Saturday night I settled into my sofa with my bottle of Martini Rosso. I was about to play The Last of Us Left Behind. I’d got to a part where I had tried retried and retried. Only to die as I’ve got 4 bow and 3 bullets. And there masses of people come to kill you. I held no hope and was considering having to go backwards and redo a section.


I slowly worked a path out that allowed me to get further and further with little ammo. But then there was more and more people, thrown in with the key helpful thing.


Clickers and Zombies which I encouraged to kill the enemy people. This section was hard, very hard, in fact for me almost too hard and then.


It was over. It was so hard because it was the end! Oh no this was all too short. Way too short. I wasn’t expecting that! I wanted more more more more. Well it was a challenge and I struggled until the end, but my did I enjoy that last struggle.



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