Friday, March 28, 2014

When It Hit


Friday started as it always did with a fry up. Yummy, a nice treat after all that salad all week.


Steve has a new android phone so I show him how to use it and it actually needs his telephone company to send some settings to get it working. They set it up and away we go. We are looking casual as its Mufti day!


I stay behind work late and talk with some of the others. We eat some of the cakes that are left over, they are so yummy.


It is however time for the weekend to start so off we go.


On the way home I call at Dunelm in Cannock to get my mom a mothers day present. I go off the idea of getting her the ceramic frying an know that she would much rather have a set of mugs with poppies on to add to her collection. I leave the store feeling tired and thinking I’ll get her a card in the morning. I get home and that tiredness in the matter of fifteen minutes changes to, I need to go straight to bed I don’t feel well – and that was Friday night. Just how ill I was going to be I hadn’t planned on.


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