Friday, April 11, 2014

Antics in Sainsbury’s


I left my wonderful work desk on Friday and headed north to Stockport. It felt like I hadn’t been to visit for a long time. I meet with Alan and Zoe in a pub in Poynton with there work colleges. It was apparent by the time I had got there that they were well, drunk. The glaze in their eyes and the none admittance said nearly everything, until we went to Sainsbury's of course.


Whilst Alan was thinking food first and foremost and disappeared, me and Zoe went to the fresh juice fridge and then left it for the beer section. Our basket was filled until I could  hardly carry it and then she picked up two four packs of ale as well, dropping them over and over as we made our way to the check out. The check out girl was obviously impressed by the amount of beer we put on the conveyor belt (it was a serious amount), and how many more times Zoe dropped some cans on the floor. She didn’t even ask if we were planning on consuming it immediately or if we were over eighteen. Alan by which time had staggered back to the car.


Whilst the curries we ordered were being cooked and delivered, Alan kept us munching on black popcorm. Not a delicacy but just how he cooks when he is plastered. Thankgod we ordered out for in.


Alan slept initially peacefully on the sofa and slipped to bed. An hour or so latter I left Zoe downstairs, stabbed my feet on the grippers of their stairs and fell into the wonderfully comfy bed. I was tired from the week and was somewhere I’m always so happy to be, with the people I enjoy to be with. With no one awake to talk to, Zoe decided it was time to call Australia for 45 minutes……


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