Saturday, April 12, 2014

Enjoying Life with Mustard Nuts


I got up Saturday morning and initially no one seemed to be around. Zoe popped up that Alan had gone out, she thought. We had a bit of breakfast and then she announced she had called her friend in Australia after I had gone to bed. Alan came in. He had been to Green Lane Post Office to collect a parcel. A Vinyl record, something I would personally not like to have had posted. But it was perfectly fine. Alan is on the look for Touch Me Touch Me by Sam Fox.


Zoe wants to go to the allotment and so we all go and get some fresh air, stopping on the way at the Funky Monkey Coffee Shop. I have a Chilatte I think as when Zoe asked what it was I wanted I asked for one of those odd tasting drinks I can’t recall its name. I know most helpful! Once at the allotment, Sir Slugalott is still standing although he needed his attire to be altered slightly.


Out came the communal  rotorvaitor, and Alan and Zoe got busy with it taking it in turns. I followed behind with thes pade ensuring the deep bits that were missed got turned over. Alan soon tired of the allotment and i suggested we went for a walk. We headed away from their house and walked until, well he suggested some tea and cake at 


Bramhall Hall. Somewhere I had not been. A wedding was on and I suggested we crashed it even though we were not dressed for the occasion.


We found the tea room and had cake and tea and then played Orthello. Alan systematically started to beat me, then I changed most of them to white again and then he changed them all to black. He beat me fair and square. The air cooled and he suggested he new a pub near by that had a pool table and perhaps we should try that.


We arrived at the pub, got a couple of beers and some nuts that tasted of Mustard. Alan suggested I had his pint and had it back off me. I suggested that wasn’t a good thing because of the bugs I was still carrying. He had none of it though and drank from the the glass I had already put my lips too. Brave man.


Alan played well and suggested upping the stakes to a cone of chips from next door. Although he won he actually lost as he potted the black. Bad timing but true to his word we went next door and had some chips. We were asked if we wanted salt and vinegar on them. “Just extra salt please on mine” I said. “Extra salt?” and her eyebrows moved in disbelief. “Yes please make the chips look like snow covered mountains please”. And she did as she was asked. She looked at Alan and asked “On yours?” “Just vinegar please”. “Would that be extra vinegar love?” she asked with her eyebrows and a thrown that suggested she had two nutters in front of her. We left enjoyed the fresh chips against the lingering taste from the nuts and walked in a vague direction that wasn’t in the opposite direction to Alan and Zoe’s house. It wasn’t in the direction and more alarmingly Alan had to get Google maps up at one point.


We arrived at another pit stop pub, settled down and had a natter for a while, until I got round to showing him the digital version of “Hey Thats My Fish” on my phone. Alan was impressed and he beat me, at least twice. But hey I like to keep him happy. I have no idea what I drank here but at some point we drank up, watched a train pass by a level crossing, whihc one had one carriage and then slipped home after looking at a rat in the fence near the station. We aarive home and just in time. George and Zoe are in the house and Zoe had just that moment finished cooking dinner. We sit down and eat and Rosie, Brendan and Matt also turn up.


Alan and Brendan have a pressie swapping moment and then we get some games out, some beers out, and have a lovely time playing socially around the big table. We have a few games of Citadels, Flux at which point Rosie and Brendan leave. The high stakes gameof poker is then played for a while before


Zoe gets out Small World. I have never played this and with all the bits and pieces that were coming out I could see it was probably too late to play let alone it be explained how to play.


Instead out came my other favourite game, Survive.


Alan slipped away at some point which was a shame as even not being at the board anymore


he still managed to beat me! How is he doing it???“


I can feel the sun rising and make my excuses to slip into bed myself.


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