Thursday, April 03, 2014

Inexpensively ridiculous


I finally have my ticket to get back from Glasgow, I know that's more than one ticket. Alan explained to me there would be some cheap tickets available. Well they have been advertised as £102.00 for ages and I have hung on and on and on. Today he suggested once more that the cheap tickets should now be on sale. So I checked. Nope they are all one hundred and two pounds, unless I wanted to specifically go home at 13:30. So I thought I check how much Glasgow to Manchester would be and how much they might be paying. It came up £20 for standard class and £30 for First Class. Well sod that I thought and booked a ticket. Then I checked how much from Manchester to Stafford. Well I never, £10 quid first class. So by going the wrong way it is much much cheaper than going the right way, which at first class prices would be £194. Train tickets bewilder me, While its always nice to travel by train, its just too much hassle to make it affordable.


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