Saturday, April 05, 2014

Location Location Location


If you were going to make an episode of Location Location Location this would have been a great episode. I got up at the crack of dawn and headed into Wolvo. I parked up and went to see


The mortgage advisor. There is nothing like confusing matters more than saying well okay then we’ll rejig it and I’ll find the extra needed so I can get that mortgage then. At least he knew I was listening. I left him with my 3 bank account bank statements and told him good luck with linking them, I pay for everything on my credit card, which he confirmed was a very good thing in this instance.


What he didn’t advise, which was made clearly everything, as he kept telling me, was that I would overrun the parking meter by seven minutes and that would cost me £25 and the £2 I put in the meter in the first place. Mr Vulture Parking warden had nothing better todo as there was no other cars in sight in this street.


so the rest of day was spent looking at very different houses in very different locations. The first was in the center of Cannock. And after looking at the first I said the lady said you have two for sale. I do but the other isn’t finished. But I’ll take you to see it if you want. We went in and I much preferred the unfinished second one. Much larger and better layout so I asked about the price of the second one. You can have either for….. which was below the advertised price by quiet a bit. No garden and two parking spaces in a secured car park and literally on the pedestrian high street. Also very good for the train station.  It should be noted my dad did not like these as they were old buildings and kept looking at the roofs.


Next was my dads favourite but a location I didn’t want to live in. A Eurobox in the middle of nowhere – a dormitory town, but in my budget and the only one here I could afford and that's because it had a surprise feature. A house like my brothers only smaller if that could be possible. And to top it water damaged from a leaking central heating system. Yep the living room ceiling was hanging down! Carefully not shown in the photos or mentioned in the sales blurb. The house was small so small and yet had some much land. What was the architect thinking. This would be the sensible buy out of all of them, and if you put a big tent outside not only would you double your living space you would still have a garden to play in and space to build a workshop/garage. It also has a drive you could fit two cars along – one behind the gates. No train station but the shortest commute by car of them


The last one was in Stafford and my favourite on paper. In the centre of town next to the train station well close enough. Largest of the houses, with enormous back garden, small front one. End terrace but looked like it was splitting in half with cracks reforming where they had been patched up, serous looking cracks from the top to the bottom. Looking at other houses here they were all on the move and holding each other up. This however was the end one and nothing was holding that end up. Great but no good if it wasn't going to stay still!?!?! Roof looked good though. Had also been suffering from damp which had been tried to be sorted. So after that I was considering living somewhere I didn’t want and knew only beer had the answer…..



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