Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Not A Guide On How to Travel Slowly


I’ve been ill and one of the good things about being ill is having the peace and time to read a book. This time though I’ve been that ill I couldn’t concentrate enough to even read. Eventually though I started to recover and I picked up this book I had been reading.


Getting a book from someone can be a worrying thing. And this book, is a book I would have certainly never have brought myself. If I’d opened it up and would have most definitely put it back on the shelf. However Alan and Zoe had got it me and I found the titling intriguing,was it a comment they were making about me being lazy? I had to find out!


You see for reading is a way of escaping where I am. To take a journey to somewhere, not here. And for the most part of it I tend to read easy Chick Flick books I can pick up and put down with simple stories. Here though I’m teased with the art and beauty of slow travel. It starts with a walk out of their own front door to somewhere they would normally flyby the scenery in a car. Missing the detail and the colour of the world they live right by all the time but without never actually seeing or tasting it.


I was then seduced by the art of they never flew anywhere. No they went the slow way by train, everywhere. Sometimes it would be awkward, but it would always be slow. And the slowness allowed you to breath in the air of the journey, to taste that air, to taste the fruits of the places you were passing within, to meet and interact with many people who’d normally you’d just rush by. You are slowly drawn further and further into the way of thinking about all the rushing around we are doing when in fact we would all probably enjoy to slowing down. Yes he realises we all have jobs and time is sacred. But do we really need a guide book? Do we really need to see all those must see sights? It got me thinking of the memorable moments I can recall, I can remember tasting and why? And the fact that sometimes I enjoy the journey more than the promise of what there is to see when you get there.


They go on a train trip to Mull somewhere in the book, an overnight train to the north where everything should go wrong. Did it for them? Or did it make the journey more memorable? Then near the end the book it meandered off somewhere to explain a few things in the head. Things you already knew but didn’t think about. It took me back to my child hood when I travelled to Austria by non luxury coach where I would peer out of the window for miles and miles and mile, and loved every moment of it. Is this why I like traveling so much and watching the world go by still. Only now, even though I tend not to fly (sometimes you have to) I’m still travelling too fast. Its mainly to fit as much as I can in the shortest time space possible.


And so here I am looking forward to travelling slowly with Alan and Zoe in the near future. And perhaps I’ll do very little but the little I’ll do I’ll know I will taste, and I know I will smile.


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