Saturday, April 05, 2014

Stool Races


With this cold I was dying to go out and have some socialism. Poade was going to be out and Beardy was too. Neither seemed to be willing to out early so I texted them to say I’d meet them in the pub and off I went in the hope they would turn up.


I sat at the bar and studied tonight's menu. Ordered a pint and Mat turned up. I decided to start on the right handside unlike him or Beardy – who also eventually turned up.


A couple of beers in and we decide to head to the New Decorated Four Ashes. Would it be any different on the inside.


They had certainly tried on the outside.


In the bar we drank this and sat with Paratrooper Len. Here he insisted on Bar Stool Racing. Luckily no one else was in the bar, as they were all listening to the live music band in the front room. We did not join them, although at one point I aksed the barmaid to turn the telly off, its ruining the music. What about our newly polished floor??


Len came with us to back to The Harrows.


We had the most mind widening conversation you will ever experience with someone with so much worldly experience. It was all too much for Matt who was going to do a half marathon in the morning and he left.


I got hungry and so had some chilli nuts. I was warned by the bar man these are no normal chilly nuts. I can’t recommend them apart for chilli nutters. Of he just left.


He was not kidding. I ate about twenty before i had to flag him over to get me two pints of water. Wow Ow Wo. Hot isnt the word for it. Mind blowing totally. I never ate them all, I saved them for Poade when I see him next.


I though we were going to be asked to leave but no, we were given “on the house pints”.


Beardy thought this was totally crazy, he too had to be up at 6AM to go on a day trip to somewhere, but right now I can’t remember where. Eventually we did go home . I know this as thats were woke up.


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