Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sun Shining on a Sunny Day So Let Play


I wake up and have a shower in the newish cubical.


Alan is already out in the garden mowing.

IMG_20140413_130052_115 IMG_20140413_130039_044

I join him and eat my cornflakes outside with him.


Zoe and George join us for some gaming exclusives that I have brought with me. Curse of the Idol


I set the board up and build the setting. OOOh this looks exciting.


And off our adventures go.


And it must be said, for such a simple game it is infact so long! So very very very long. Will anyone ever get the sword to unlock the gem stone? Well getting the sword was easy. Getting to the idol with the sword wasn’t so easy. And then you have eight choices to get the gem stone. And each time it was arggh no.


The sword would be returned and off we would go again. Eventually one of us got the Gem stone and it was then a run home without anyone else catching you. I managed to get it, get it out and win! ye ha.


We moved indoors as the sun went around the front of the house and we got out "The KEy To The Kingdoms”


A board game where the board game flicked over and got bigger and smaller depending on the players course of action.


The ame was slowed down somewhat as each time you got to an obstical you had to look it up in the instruction book. But soon enough gameplay continued on.


And every now and again there was a rush to the whirlpool.


We soon worked out who had the Key to The Kingdom and then it was a rush to catch them up and steal it from them whilst avoiding going ot any of the dungeons.


The race was on back to the starting point.


Would they make it without being caught?


Yes they would.


Next was the Ming Dynasty. A game that is hated on the Web for its appalling instructions.


And this person is to blame Robert F Watson.


Luckily Zoe and Alan had tried playing it with Rosie on a previous occasion and on this attempt things made more sense.


I liked the idea.


I cocked up completely on the strategy on one round and that didn’t help me what so ever.


However not all was lost and the gameplay got furiously competitive.


The Chinese diner turned up but no we were not going to stop to eat, we would finish first.


And then only then did we realise that just perhaps we had ordered way too much food. Full and fat it was time to say goodbye to the people and the place I enjoy being so much and only hope they will invite me down again sometime in the not too distant future to feel the sensation of carpet and not capret grippers on my feet, YELP.



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