Friday, April 25, 2014

When the world comes tumbling in


Today things went so wrong mentally like never ever before, I ended up leaving work early, walking to Tesco’s and having a cup of tea and a fresh cream scone. The girl behind the counter must have realised I was somewhere else when I requested a cup of tea to go with my scone, as she came round the counter and made it for me at the self service machine, that was actually right next to me but I had not noticed. She served it to me with a smile, which she probably didn’t realise just how much that smile meant in my day. Why my world seemed to end I really don’t know, but I knew my brain was screaming that's enough stop now. I just got so stressed at work I wanted to pack it all in, it wasn’t worth it and I was very, very sad. I could feel it building up all week, then one more bloody email broke me finally. After crashing in my managers office, going to the car park to suddenly realising I’d had a lift in and my car wasn’t there (I was meant to be going out with some of the others that night) , I eventually got home and spent the afternoon and evening on my bed resting my head in calm quietness away from the world. I could feel my brain dramatically unwinding inside my head like never before. If I had no job to go back to it really didn’t matter, the work load had broke me, I just wasn’t coping with what I do any more.


I finally came back into the real world much, much, much later and watched Cash Back I hadn’t seen it for ages.


Such a soothing and odd film and one I guess that was most apt for the occasion. From here I closed my eyes and slept hoping I would wake up else where…


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