Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blue Sausages


I wake up and the sun is out. I get out of bed and have a shower.


Whilst I only came for the one night whilst I look in my bag I see 5 t-shirts. I’m so good at packing! And whilst I don’t think about it for a moment it really is lucky I have packed some cloths.


The others are outside and I join them for breakfast. Aghhh it is such a beautiful day. To beautiful to go straight home.


So we lounge in the garden enjoying the rays and each other company. Zoe suggest that they have a BBQ for that night and I should tay. I know that I shouldn’t because of all the things I have to back home, but knowing I have enough T-shirts say yes. Erm food and beer twists my arm so easily.


Zoe decides that she is going to paint the back garden fence, and Alan mutters something in the lines of Nack I’m going into town to meet my dad, would you like to come along. Sure would.

 DSC00159We walk off into the hot sun of Stockport town centre, leaving Zoe and George to the fence. We meet up with Alan’s dad at the market, where there is entertainment going on amongst the stalls everywhere. The atmosphere is good, in fact very laid back European city style, sit back an lap it up.


There are market stalls dotted around and we try some of there samples, buy some items until Alan decides to treat us all to some ice creams with a bit of chocolate stuck in them. Which sure I want to but we head into the Mersey Centre, somewhere Alan does not take me and so I’m interested in what shops they’re are still here.Looks like this place is doing well compared to Wolverhampton's shopping area. His dad is a big fan of Minidisc and I advise him that I have a big stash of them in the loft complete with racks should he want them. He sure does and so I note it down to bring them up next time I’m around.   wander into CEX shop and come out with some Playstation 2 games I neither need or have heard of and then we visit Cash Converters. I tell Alan they have had a redo since we were last here and its twice the size of the last time we were in here. “ No Nack that the one down the road”. “You have two!”. “Yes we have two”. “Oh Goody”. We never end up going t go to the second one.


We part from his dad, go and get plenty of sauages, plenty of beer and start heading back towards his house. As we pass the church I ask “is it a nice church?”. Alan says yeah and so i suggest we go in as the door is open.


As we walk in “hello we are about to start please take a seat.” “You are, we are, will we” What have we walked into? There is some kind of show about to start and we are directed to some seats.


“We might as well see what its about Alan, look at all these paper hats. It could be exciting” I say.


And this is what it was all going to be about.


However I was intrigued and interested in the hats. Just how long did it take to make all these and put them up without being tangled!


The show began, it was a cat walk of hat!




and more hats.


which if yu didn’t know Stockport is famous for and has a museum of hats, along with the air raid shelters I’ve never seen ;).


Wow this was an impressive show we had literally stumbled on!


If nothing else I know Alan likes his hats so I’m sure he’s being entertained!


You might well have thought this parade was the end of the show!


But no there was more to come.


And with this show gave me time to try out my new camera as you can see. I also took lots of blurry ones too.


Impressive, Alan are you going to get one of those.


As hat shows go, I was enjoying this.


But I'm not to sure all the models were.


the setting couldn’t have been better – it worked a treat.


There were all kinds of imaginary styles.


Some of them just impractical for everyday use though.


And I’ve got to ay I don’t go to these type of bars.


Well this was the last hat before


the finalie parade.


Outcame all the hats again.


“Wow” I say to Alan – “that was good”. “ I wander how the fence is coming on?”


I get up close with the set before we leave


take one last crazy photo and pick up the very heavy bags of shopping, and I mean very heavy.


We leave the coolness of the church and


head into the blazing sunshine. It takes us some time to get back to the house, those bags being so heavy and Alan walking us ‘the flat’ way back.


On our return we find them sitting at the bottom of the garden.


“So how the fence going then?”


“Well we’ve got one panel done!”


“Alan get the brushes out. We’ll have this done in an hour” I say. Zoe questions this but we set to work.


No BBQ until its done and low and behold as if by magic the fence is blue.


“great job there lads” Says Zoe whilst she tiles her bowl.


Nack “What are you doing down there?” asked Alan.


“I’m admiring our handy work and thinking of Champagne ice-cream”


Doesn’t it look fab. Even the blue plants and pots?


Alan gets the beer out


and admires his previous handwork – erm a different shade of blue.


Having covered some of the bird box I decide to make it all blue and paint that too.


The BBQ is lit


The chimneyair is to.


All we need now is a Matt.


“you do know just how many meaty sausages we have brought and I’m a vegetarian pipe up Alan.


“no your kidding, how many” exclaims Zoe


Well we had better get some more people round then. Call Darren see what they are doing.


Matt turns up and see’s all the sausage. Are we glad to see you Matt, there's only so much sausage a person can eat.


I just need a light thinks Zoe and the power of god assists.


The evening drops on in


And Nack insist on learning so chords


A pint in and I’m getting so much better at this.


“Well I think we are ready to cook the sausages then” exclaims George.


And many sausages are eaten in the candle lit twilight.


And so out with the games.


Zoe asks “Now Nack can you remember how to play this from last night?”


“I don’t remember even playing it” I reply whilst looking at the stars in the sky.


The game playing and music goes on


unit even with two fires going and a blanket we become cold.


And so we decamp and head to the warmth of


indoors, where the game continues,


I’m not sure how your meant to win at Coup. Just how many Dukes are there in the pack?


Erm I think some cheating is going on here.


And with that I go to bed and dream about

fruit all night,.


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