Friday, May 16, 2014

Crocodile Food


Alan had notified the world that Stockport's Food Friday wasn’t on the normal day it is in the month but on tonight. With northing to do on Friday night I see if he is happy for me to join him and Zoe for some food and a pint. the rest of the weekend I have plenty of jobs to do, so this was going to be a one nighter.


I have a load of happy plants and so decide to take Zoe a tray so she can either sue them in her garden or at her allotment.


From work I get to Stockport quiet early, I knock the door but there is no reply, they must have left already. I enter and the house is eerily quiet without them. I consider getting a taxi but the night is really nice outside and I know my way, so off I walk. I make my way past the Blossoms without going in! And then head into town the backway. I begin to realise that the market place is further than I remembered!


I get there and Zoe, Alan and George are already enjoying the delights on offer. Zoe informs me to go to High Peak beer stall as that is where Alan is and he might get me one.


I got there and there was no sign of Alan, but there was one big queue for beer. I got a beer and returned to them, where Alan is now sitting too.


I got out side to see what I’m going to have for tea. I decide to choose something I’ve never had and go for a crocodile burger. I’m asked if I want cheese and chilli sauce with it and suggest I actually want to taste the meat I’m about to eat rather than the sauces.


So here it is a pink looking meat that is soft and soggy and tastes of…



Well I’ll let the vegetarian tell you what it tastes like. In fact we al have a bite of it, by which time I go and get a black pudding and pork pie and a cake, followed by Zoe’s “left over” spicy and delicious noodles. I can’t say I’ll be having another crocodile burger in the future be it near or otherwise.


We venture out where there is music, there night is so pleasant its a joy to be out.


George treats us all to some Italian doghnutty long things which aren't the shape of doughnuts and are a bit crisper on the outside.


They come with chocolate sauce so that


Alan can dribble it all down him.


We walk back home and are greeted by a big


spider and the gate wall.


We play a couple of games of Coup – a new game to me and then some Grand theft Auto. I’m tired though and go to bed before Alan does, how about that!


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