Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Should Be Packing


I wake up and it is morning. Now that doesn't happen very often here, but then I did go to bed early last night compared to most.


Alan has got Tom Bakers book that I'm reading so I read a chapter of it here.


I have a shower and look outside.  George and Zoe are up.


And so I join them for breakfast outside. It is another lovely lovely sunny day.


Out comes the Dr. Who board game I got them for Christmas. "Nack you'll love this." "Will I? It's based on Dr Who Trivia and whilst I watch Dr. Who I can't say I know anything other than the Tardis is blue but not the same blue as your fence."


We play and the game is fun. And the trivia either hard or not so hard multipli choice. Now that helps a lot.


More tea is served.


More board switching goes on. Does Nack take the lead.


And its a race for all three us to win the game. Who will win who will it be????


Zoe disappears for a while and George and myself play Tsurso.


Alan appears, does some gardening, has a beer and then asks if I will take him to B&Q. He wants more fence paint.


And so he tells me an interesting fact about Stockport's B&Q. If your on a plane you can't miss it as they have painted the logo on the roof. Now he only wanted a litre of paint, but the colour we have painted the fence only comes in 5 litre tins. Every other colour is available in 1 litre tins but not this one. This is confirmed by the staff who say it is od but that is life. Even more odd is we can buy 5litres for £20 or two 5 litres for £25. Alan is tempted but I say hey do you really need 10 Litre of paint, worried he might find me something else to paint other than a bird box!


You get a good view of the blue pyramid from B&Q's car park to so if you were going to launch a rocket at the Co Operative head quarters this would be the place to do it.


Back in the garden I'm preparing for our holiday in Scotland in two days time. I am so excited about it.


Mean while Alan paints the fence panels by the house and gives the ones we did yesterday a second coat.


Mean while Zoe has finished her pot and is ready to go to the allotment if I take her. We get in the car and I unfold the mirrors. One second thoughts they won't unfold. I press the switch over and over but no they won't come out! Well that will make interesting driving latter.


At the allotment we do a lot of watering, planting of the beetroot and


discovering she has a bath tube full of ants!


Oh dear! She won't be growing anything in this just yet! 


Luckily the strawberry's are doing very well.


We spot a Robin and head on back to the house. I take the battery off in the hope that it will reset the computer.


To see all the photos from the weekend click the photo above.

We enjoy the night relaxing planning and enjoying each other company. I really should have packed by now for our holiday. When it comes to going home I put the battery back on and low and behold the mirrors pop out! I arrive back home by 10:30pm. Erm I'll have to pack tomorrow night then! What a lovely and unexpected weekend, I only hope they're not bored of me for our holiday.......


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