Saturday, May 31, 2014

I’m reassured


I get up Saturday morning, waking with cramp in my left leg badly. I hop out of bed like a mad man. Arrgrgh, now that might ruin my plan for latter. I start my MX5 up which has been sitting around doing nothing for a while and head into Cannock to visit the bank to get rid of my Scottish money and have a general shop around. I take my mom, who doesn’t appreciate riding in my green car with the roof down, but the sun is out and she is welcome to come with me to get out of the house and enjoy the sun.


Around dinner time I take her to the Barnes.


This pleases her no end, even if it doesn’t look like it.


to my surprise they have done the place up. We have a nice meal and enjoy the service. My mom is well recognised here it is her favourite place to come.


I go to the gents and ooh my good they have refurbed in here. A place often missed.


I get hoe eventually, swap cloths, put the bike rack on, get the bike out and head over to my brothers.


On with his bike and some water in the boot and we are off to Cannock chase trails.


Yeah we arrive but neither of us has enough change. When I say this, my brother has brought no money with him. Luckily I have and I send him off with a fiver to find some for the parking.


Eventually we are off.


I let him lead for a change. Now this is going to be exciting.


And then I see him loose his balance dodge some trees and then crash anyway.


I watch with my camera posed. You’ll note I haven’t taken a photo of him of the floor. Two other cyclists turn up and ask if he’s alright. They are obviously wandering why I’m not helping him. He does however make a lot of noise about nothing and I could tell nothing was broken, he just needed to get back up and on the horse.


We were off again but he wasn’t steady any more and had lost his confidence, so I went first, just like when we go skiing.


The monkey trails are open this time so we get to do twice as much cycling! however most of it appears to be uphill. Now this is casuing problems with my left leg I had cramp in this morning.


So our pace drops quiet dramatically with both of us going slowly.


We sop for water but by now there not much left.


Luckily there are some down hill sections, but for some reason my brother is using his brakes and coming down very slowly!


Hold on his feet are on the floor!


Is this section going to be good one wonders.


Fro here to eternity, well the woods


And after a long time we make it back exhausted.


I flick to the tracker to see what we have done.


My we have been moving for nearly 3 hours!


We take the bikes back home and quickly get changed. My brother has a shower but for me there’s no time for that, its time for tea.


We head into Wolvo and for a change we go for a Thai at Made In Thai. The plastic plants are still growing well.


The service as always is impeccable, just like the tasty food. For a starter I go for something new and different and something I may not like, Mussel parcels. Well to you and me it was a kind of omelette with mussels in it, without the shells. Very tasty though. Along with the beer which seemed to go straight to our heads.


We finish of as nearly always in Wolvo’s ultimate bar – The Possada.


and on the wall I notice a poster. A poster I’ve not seen around before.


Its advertising the Comedy night I’m looking forward to going to net Friday. Oddly though the only month missing on the poster is June. Now that reassuring!


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