Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nackuk’s Cannonball Run


After the gym I went home and finished testing Nackuk’s Cannonball Run. I tried it out several times yesterday and had to alter it slightly, and to retest it each time was a real bind. But now it is perfection, having created GTA V’s toughest, hardest, longest and most inspirational race ever yet.


It’s not a race you’ll probably ever want to do more than twice, hell its that long, that devious and rock solid in getting form one gate to another, yet there are only five gates in a race from the centre of the map to the furthest eastern point, to the furthest western point, to the furthest north point, to the most southern point and back to the centre again. All this and you have to find your own route to each point, and some idiot has made things just slightly harder than you would expect. Enjoy.


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