Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nine Books and A DSC-WX200


I get an Amazon parcel today, which contains two things. £20 pounds worth of books I ordered at the weekend, and a camera I ordered yesterday. They have come in the same box. Very clever Mr Green Amazon. Not that I have time to read the 10 Douglas Coupland books I now have. So in the not yet read pile they go.


I decided to get a new camera as I had broken my other one in the Lake District whilst Cycling. It came out of my pocket at speed. And whilst it seemed to work initial that soon ended.. It was a choice of another of the same, for £40 or was it time to “upgrade”. In the end I found this, a Sony DSC-WX200. Could it be better than the model I already use? Well the price was £179, which I wasn’t going to pay, and looking around on amazon, one of their market traders was selling them for £129. They offered a choice of colours. It appeared that the black one was £129 but if you selected silver it was £107! Okay for that price the deal done silver is fine. And so..


here it is. There's no point trying to get one for £107 now. They’ve changed the price! The silver one is now £122. So regarding the camera, the unit is smaller, lighter and takes different batteries to the old one. it does 18mps, if you need that, not sure why you need more than ten but people like big numbers. Which goes with the 10X zoom and also the need for a bigger memory card.


It even has a wifi function. Yeah but why???? You can can connect it to a smart phone, but why??? It comes supplied with a battery, but only a low powered one. Your expected to buy a £33 high powered one although this isn’t made obvious. And as for memory cards, this not only uses Sony's own Memory Stick Duo Pro ones but also SD cards. Which is lucky as I have a spare 32gb micro card and adaptor. I plugged it in and ya it works!


In the pub some time later we are messing with the wifi. It doesn’t seem to work with my Motorola Razri. But it does work with my brother older phone. So what can we do?? Well we can put the phone somewhere else and then take a photo. Yes selfies from a distance.


You can even use the zoom from the phone, Smile.


Back at home I find out it works with my old Motorola Deffy but not my Razr i. BOLLOCKS – I need a new phone Winking smile


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