Friday, May 02, 2014

One weak today


Today I take my MX5 to work, top down of course.


I go for breakfast and at the same time buy a book on gardening. Maybe something to read gently and do this weekend. I’ve planned nothing as I didn’t know how I was going to feel, and although I still have a headache I’m back on planet earth. My desk though represents where I have been and needs a dam good tidy up. After work I visit the gym, I need to get my fitness back to climb Ben Nevis. This will soon be looming quicker than I imagine. I leave the gym with a bounce of energy for life once more. This is it a good nights kipp and I should be back to normal.


SO I head round the the Greenies on the way home. I go top less as I pass the streets and people on there Friday sessions within Brum city centre. Here Mrs Green is keen to show me a photo of when MR Green was young, Personally it could be anyone! I don’t recall him looking like this.


We watch Only Fools and Horses as Tegan is into it now and have a cup of tea. Sara goes to collect Tom from Scouts whilst Tegan is in the lav telling me all about her runny bum issues. Great moment in life to remember.


For the rest of the night we play games. This is great and a lovely atmosphere.


Eventually Mr Green comes home looking very very tired from work. It was time to pack up and run away anyway as a the 7 year old had beat us all!


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